duplicate, replicate

duplicate art


These two words tend to overlap.

Either of them will get your meaning across, but a trip to the dictionary will reveal how they can be fine-tuned.

Somewhere along the line you may have dealt with carbon paper, copying machines or rubber stamps. All of them produce copies of an original. They duplicate the original.

To replicate is not just to duplicate words or graphic images on paper. To replicate can mean to copy. It can also mean to multiply, like a chain of viruses, or to respond, or to respond to a response, especially by repeating a word or a theme in the first response. It’s a technique lawyers love to use. So if you write to disagree with any of the above, I’ll disagree, and replicate in writing – after duplicating my replication for my file.







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The Writer's Stylebook is a unique collaboration between two former journalists -- my father, Lawrence, and me. Mr. Fellows, an impassioned wordsmith and journalist of long standing, created the original Stylebook, which he distributed to Connecticut newspapers and worked on for over a decade until his death 16 years ago. In 2003, the Connecticut Press Club published "Wordwatch: A Writer's Guide to Linguistic Distinctions," a compendium of nearly 300 of my father's word features. Unfortunately, that book is out of print and my father's features have been languishing in the attic of our family home in Westport -- until now. With the blessing of my mother, Ruth, I'm reviving the Stylebook and putting it online in the hope that it will find new readers. I think there's a need for a lively, illustrated guide to words and word usages that isn't wordy -- especially in today's fast-paced world!

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